Missing You All from New York!!

Hey everybody, I thought that once you made it into the lab this year, you may log onto your accounts, open safari to find yourself on the arthouse website! So I thought I would say hello! I miss you guys so so much! And I really want you to stay in touch and keep me updated on your artwork in art class this year! Please email me, friend me on facebook, whatever! I am the only Tonia Herrero on facebook so I’m easy to find. Send me pics of your artwork!! You are all so amazing and I can’t wait to see where your creativity continues to take you!


Check out my art at facebook.com/artbytonia

Miss you guys. Check back here periodically for more messages from me! Feel free to comment back on them.


Ms. Tonia

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Final Digital Portfolio and Artist Statement

Your final digital portfolio and artist statement is due by the end of class the Monday of finals week. That is the VERY LATEST you can turn it in. For the FINAL you will be presenting your digital portfolio to the class (and reading your artist statement) and we will have a critique!

You will turn in a folder called “YourName FINAL” inside that folder will be 2 things:

1)Your PDF Final Digital Portfolio

2) Your Word Document of your Artist Statement.

Click this link to download BOTH Files you need (DEMO VIDEO & ARTIST STATEMENT)

(Before you start the portfolio you need to have already photographed your work and imported those photos into your iphoto. If you have work as small as a regular piece of 8.5×11 paper, you can give it to me to scan in because a scan will look better than a photo)

Projects we did this year: (the words in “( )” is what you will be typing when you label your work in your portfolio)

Some of these things were only done in certain classes, so ignore the projects that don’t pertain to your class. . .

• Stenciling! (Spray Paint Stencil on Paper)

• Mixed Media (Mixed Media)

• Photo Abstraction (Digital Photography)

• Photo Narrative (Digital Photography)

• Perspective Watercolor (Pen and Watercolor on Paper)

• Installation Project (Site Specific Installation)

• Photoshop Layering Project (Photoshop Layering Digital Images)

• Acrylic Paintings (Acrylic on Canvas)

• Comic Project (Pen Drawing and Digital)

• Screen Printing (Screen Print on Paper OR Screen Print on Fabric)

• Sketches you may have done in pencil (Graphite on Paper)

• Drawings you may have done in pen (Pen on Paper)

• Anything using more than one art material (Mixed Media on Paper)

If you think of anything else I forgot, just ask me!!

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Comic Demo Video! (Per 4 &6)

Download the comic demo video. It is VERY long (28 minutes) so it will take a while to download, you may start watching it in the web browser, BUT it is hard to see the small details.

You need to download your scanned in comic file under the post that says “Pick up scans here” click on your class period, then click on your name and download the file (or files).

Do not watch the whole thing straight through, watch a step, pause the video, do the step, then resume. (Follow along with the video)

Your final finished digital comic is due Friday May 29th by the end of class. (Turn in the Illustrator file (.ai) to the turn in folder)

We will critique on Monday June 1st!

Click here to download video!

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Pick Up Photos Here!

Pick Up Photos Click Here!

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Screen Print Design Demo Activities! (Per 2, 3, & 5)

You will be learning a variety of techniques you may want to use for your screen print design. Everyone must complete each demo activity and turn in a jpeg to show me you know how to do each technique. THESE ARE PRACTICE CREATIONS, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FINAL SCREEN PRINT DESIGN! If you end up wanting to use one for your final design, that is ok. (FYI: Your final design will be turned in as a Illustrator file (.ai) not a jpeg.)


Demo Activity #1: Posterizing a Photo

(Download Word Doc Instructions and Video file!)

Per 2 & 5: Due End of Class Monday 5/4/15

Per 3: Due End of Class Wednesday 5/6/15

If you did this activity last year, you don’t have to do it again. You may do it for extra credit. You also should watch it if you want to posterize a photo for your design and you don’t remember how!


Demo Activity #2: Free Drawing and Tracing a Photo in Illustrator

(Download Video file!) USE BAMBOO TABLET

Per 2 & 5: Due End of Class Wednesday 5/6/15

Per 3: Due End of Class Thursday 5/7/15

EVERYONE has to do this activity, we did not do it last year!


Demo Activity #3: Adding Type (Text) in Illustrator

(Download Video File!) USE BAMBOO TABLET (as much as you want to)

Per 2 & 5: Due End of Class Thursday 5/7/15

Per 3: Due End of Class Friday 5/8/15

If you did this activity last year, you don’t have to do it again. You may do it for extra credit. You also should watch it if you know you want to add text for your design and you don’t remember how!

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Comics and Character Design Project (Per 4 & 6)

Link to Comic/Character Design Proposal Packet:




Illustration and Comics Videos:

The Art of Illustration Video by PBS

The Rise of Web Comics Video by PBS

KQED Artist Videos
(We are going to watch videos KQED Artist Videos #8–#13 where 2 well known artists teach us how to draw characters!)

Neecy Twinem’s (Ms Tonia’s Mom) Links:



ZombieZoo Trailer “Where Does Boo Go?” Video

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Screen Printing T-Shirt Design (Per 2, 3, & 5)

Approaches for T-Shirt Design Screen Printing Project:

• Make a statement! Think of the T-Shirt as a walking political statement, announcement, or advertisement, what is your message? Do you want the message to be obvious? or make people go hummmmmm. . . .  Create an ad busters, mocking an existing company, belief, advertisement, norm or popular fashion.

• Abstract! Think of the T-Shirt as a canvas. Create a versatile design of abstract patterns, shapes, and lines that could be printed or layered in a variety of ways on any given piece. You can even create abstractions by altering or layering text as well.

• Create a character!

• Design a symbol that has significance or secret meaning to you.

• Use humor!

•Alter found images. Change the meaning of an image by adding text to go with it. (Juxtaposition 🙂

• Imagine you had your own company, business, or fashion line, come up with a name and logo.

Remember, these different techniques you are learning are so you have the tools and options for creating your design:

Drawing your design by hand, posterizing a photograph, tracing over a photograph by hand or on adobe illustrator, using typed text, vectorizing a drawing of a symbol or original hand-drawn text. . . . You may not ONLY have typed text. If you use typed text, you must have some sort of image as well. Hand drawn text by itself is OK.

Inspirational Images:


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